Press reviews (selection)

on Fugitive Figures:

“Pianist Claus Raible thrills as always with his versatile keyboard magic. When Raible reaches for the full (…), it is always an event (…)”

Michael Bakonyi (Concerto, A) *****

“So, this is how modern, contemporary bebop can sound: edgy in the intro, with all kinds of alienated quotes and broken expectations, then zippy in the finish, charming and relaxed grooving (…)”

Thomas Kölsch (Jazzthetik, D) ****

“(…) The eleven songs of Fugitive Figures radiate spirit and spirituality, joy of playing, and captivating unity. (…)”

Ruedi Ankli (Jazz N’ More, CH)

„ (…) Claus Raible develops a mature form of the trio at its best on our continent, without weakness, without concession to fashions, yielding nothing to the ease of the zeitgeist. (…) Claus Raible is one of those European miracles capable of making us dream that jazz is alive and kicking in Europe, and that it has a bright future ahead of it (…)“

Yves Sportis (Jazz Hot, Paris, FR)

on TRIO!:

“(…) Claus Raible has his own format as only a few internationally known artists in this genre have achieved. With his superlative technique and his smooth fluency, Raible’s style bursts with energy. (…)”

Stefan Michalzik (Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany) 

„(… )This is indeed Piano-Jazz-Trio music in its purest sense. Fresh and vibrant. Magnificent! (…)“

Michael Bakonyi (Concerto Magazine, Austria)*****

„(…) The incisiveness of Raible’s original compositions opens infinite possibilities for variations. Thus they reside seamlessly along side Monk’s classics. (…)“

Werner Stiefele (Rondo Magazine, Germany)****

„(…) An album of fluency and elegance that is thrilling from the very beginning. (…)“

Frank Zoellner (In Music Magazine, Germany) ****

„(…) Not in the least, Raible’s original compositions demonstrate his exceptional position. (…)“

Oliver Hochkeppel (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany)

„(…) Claus Raible is an exceptional pianist. He and his crew indeed really boil it down to the essence: swinging intensity and timeless relevance. (…)”

Reinhard Koechl (Jazz Thing, Germany)

„(…) Spending an evening listening to Claus Raible must be a great experience that I wish to have soon in France (…)

This is a fascinating recording, (…)there is no doubt that he is one of the players today. (…).“

Yves Sportis (Jazz Hot, France)

„(…) One of the most important living Bebop-pianists is revisiting the classic trio set up. To our and his own audible and live visible joy: Captivating, contemporary Bop (…). (Raible‘s) originals have what it takes to become as timeless, as is the music all together with it‘s freshness and originality. (…)“

Godehard Lutz (Jazz Podium, Germany)

„ (…) The climax of the album: Monk‘s „Round Midnight“. Rarely someone succeds to capture the essence of a composition and at the same time transfers it in such a distinct and exciting fashion into the present. (…)“  

Tom Fuchs (Piano News, Germany)