Press reviews

Fugitive Figures

“Pianist Claus Raible thrills as always with his versatile keyboard magic. When Raible reaches for the full (…), it is always an event (…)”

Michael Bakonyi (Concerto, A) *****

“So, this is how modern, contemporary bebop can sound: edgy in the intro, with all kinds of alienated quotes and broken expectations, then zippy in the finish, charming and relaxed grooving (…)”

Thomas Kölsch (Jazzthetik, D) ****

“(…) The eleven songs of Fugitive Figures radiate spirit and spirituality, joy of playing, and captivating unity. (…)”

Ruedi Ankli (Jazz N’ More, CH)

„ (…) Claus Raible develops a mature form of the trio at its best on our continent, without weakness, without concession to fashions, yielding nothing to the ease of the zeitgeist. (…) Claus Raible is one of those European miracles capable of making us dream that jazz is alive and kicking in Europe, and that it has a bright future ahead of it (…)“

Yves Sportis (Jazz Hot, Paris, FR)

Other reviews

“At this …session in the basement met two masters of playing the essential, whilst skipping the irrelevant. Never in the last 24 concerts in the Cellar have jazz musicians played with such creative recesses as Claus Raible and Ed Thigpen. Never before have musicians been so effective -and- so harnessed the imagination of the audience, with what is sometimes such a stingy media.”

Bad Kissingen Zeitung jazz review

“Has it ever happened before, that a hard bopping quartet is doing a 20 minutes lasting slow blues as an anchore at Basel’s “Bird’s Eye”: in close contact with an enthusiastic audience? The writer can’t racall having seen anything similar for the last six or eight years. … Here the ability of going out and giving the maximum is supplemented with an other one: listening to each other and getting inspired…”

Jürg Weibel, Basler Zeitung, Switzerland

“…In particular Claus Raible, a convinced representative of the Bud Powell / Monk school, plays with an ease over those really complex forms and titles, that had to lead to enthusiastic exultation..”

Kurt S. Weil, Jazz N‘ More, The Swiss Jazz & Blues Magazine, Switzerland

“… Claus Raible …plays with that style that embodies vitality and authority, which is real, captivating and fresh, yet without being nostalgic.”

Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Jazz Critic

” A pianist with an mysteriously forcible touch, but it is not only forceful, but one can also hear a delicate touch… It is an album with which both a cool portion, a sweet portion, and groove are felt.”

Japanese Review of “Introducing the exciting Claus Raible Trio”

“Wherever he performs, the band members, other musicians in the audience, and last but not least the audience itself are amazed by his confidence in style, his fantasy of improvisation, and the stupendous virtuosity of his performance”

Claus Regnault, Süddeutsche Zeitung