"Claus Raible plays with that style that embodies vitality and authority, which is real, captivating and fresh, ...." Hans-Jurgen Schaal, Jazz Critic

German born Claus Raible got fascinated by Jazz as early as in his primary school days through listening to various radio programs, in particular by the VOA Jazz Hour hosted by legendary DJ Willis Conover. At the age of eleven he began studying trumpet, and three years later the piano became his second and eventually main instrument. By about age sixteen, while still at high school, Claus had his first professional performing appearances, both as a sideman as well as a leader.

Still in his early twenties, while carrying on his musical studies at academic level, Claus had the chance and honor to perform with such stellar musicians as Art Farmer, Andy Bey, Mark Murphy, to just name a few.

After graduating the Music University with honor in 1992, Claus moved to New York City where he formed the Claus Raible Sextet which featured Brad Leali, Mike Karn, Shawn McGloin. As a sideman he soon started appearing in many of the city jazz clubs with musicians such as Ben Dixon, Manny Duran, Jimmy Lovelace, Jon Faddis, and many others.

It was in New York that he met, and later took master classes from pianist Dr. Barry Harris who has been a great influence on his writing and arranging.

In 1998 Claus returned to Munich, Germany, and began splitting his time between the USA and Europe, touring extensively with his own projects as well as a sideman. Some of the greats that Claus has been working with include: Jimmy Cobb, Keith Copeland, Charles Davis, Dennis Ervin, Herb Geller, Benny Golson, Alvin Queen, Ed Thigpen, etc.

Claus has done numerous works on commission for small groups as well as for orchestra. He has made featured arrangements and compositions for The Brad Leali Jazz Orchestra, Gospel Meets Jazz, The Al Porcino Big Band, Works for orchestra and choir for the Black History Month celebration, just to mention a few.

As a leader Claus is currently fronting his own Trio, Quartet and Small Orchestra of ten pieces.

Claus has received numerous rewards including the Award of Distinction for Outstanding Performances by the Austrian Minister of Cultural Affairs and Science (1992) and the Award for Outstanding Performances by the Bavarian Minister of Cultural Affairs and Science (2006).

Some musicians Claus has performed with at clubs and festivals over Europe and the United States:
Andy Bey, Jimmy Cobb, Ira Coleman, Montez Coleman, Keith Copeland, Charles Davis, Jesse Davis, Ben Dixon, Isla Eckinger, Duane Eubanks, Jon Faddis, Art Farmer, Derrick Gardner, Vincent Gardner, Alvester Garnett, Herb Geller, Shawn McGloin, Benny Golson, Dusko Goykovich, Mark Gross, Dennis Irvin, Gene Jackson, Sean Jones, Tom Kirkpatrick, Brad Leali, Jimmy Lovelace, John Marshall, Don Menza, Mark Murphy, Lewis Nash, Valery Ponomarev, Ferdinand Povel, Alvin Queen, Ack van Rooyen, Andy Scherrer, Gary Smulyan, Ed Thigpen, Luigi Trussardi, Charles Tolliver, Britt Woodman, Jimmy Wormworth

A selection of festivals that Claus has performed at:
Montreaux Jazz Festival CH, (1989), Jazz Fest Wien, A, (1991), Cultural Festival Dubrovnik, HRV, (1995, 1996), Aspen Jazz, COL, USA, (1999), Jazztage Hilden, D, (2003), Ollon du Jazz, CH, (2003), Midem, Cannes, FR, (2004), Generations, Frauenfeld, CH, (2004), Nis Jazz Festival, RS, (2005), Novi Sad Jazz Festival, RS, (2005), Piano Off Stage, Luzern, CH, (2007), JEN, Dallas, TX, USA (2013), Bingen Swings, D, (2014), Denver Jazz Fest, COL, USA, (2014), Belgrade Jazz Festival, RS, (2005, 2015), Katy Jazz Festival, TX, USA (2015), Jazzfest M√ľnchen, D, (2016), Trieste Loves Jazz, I, (2010, 2012, 2015, 2018), Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen, D, (2003, 2018)

Today Raible is one of the driving forces of the European jazz scene: A terrific musician, composer and arranger.